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Household Composition

You and your fiancé or fiancée. You and your spouse, and child(ren). You, your parents, and siblings (one parent must be SC or SPR if you're unmarried/ widowed/ divorced SC). You and your child(ren) under legal custody (widowed/ divorced persons need ex-spouse’s consent for shared custody). You and your siblings (orphans and single, all listed in the same application, one deceased parent must be SC or SPR). You and up to 3 other singles as core applicants.


For Fiancé and fiancée, married couples, parent(s) with child(ren), orphaned siblings: Must be SC. Include at least 1 other SC or SPR. For Two or more singles: All must be SCs.

Monthly Household Income

Must not exceed $16,000

EC Eligibility

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